Kobe Bryant Scores 60 points in farewell victory

The end of the basketball career of Kobe Bryant seemed like a championship atmosphere for the Los Angeles Lakers who has one of the worst record in the league at 17-65. The legend and hall of fame player made sure he put a lasting stamp on his career. It was an exciting night for all his fans, current and former teammates and some casual basketball lovers. Congratulations and thanks for the memories Kobe Bryant, now go ahead and enjoy your retirement or start a new life since you’re still young at 38 years old. Many people around your age are not thinking of retirement right now. You need to live an active lifestyle to be healthy and actually enjoy all the millions of dollars you made as a professional basketball player. Again thank you for all the five Championships you helped bring to our city, Los Angeles.

Kobe scores 60 points in unbelievable farewell victory




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