Addiction and Drug Tolerance

When you hear of addiction what usually comes to your mind? There is the connotation of an individual who is dependent on an illegally obtained drug such as cocaine, marijuana, heroine or other narcotics. But the fact is that anybody can get addicted even on a legally prescribed medication. The difference is that narcotics has a much more potential to cause addiction because of their strong effect on the human body.  Addiction is totally different from drug dependence. Drug dependence occurs when the initial dose of a prescribed medicine is no longer effective or enough to treat a patient’s problem. The dose has to be continuously increased for it to work for the Patient. The person is said to be physically dependent on that medicine and if the medicine is suddenly stopped withdrawal symptoms will occur. The hallmark of addiction is the abnormal psychological and behavioral response that develops in some people with the use of the narcotics. When narcotics are used under proper medical supervision addiction rarely occurs. There should be no fear of addiction if your doctor and pharmacist are monitoring your properly prescribed narcotics to treat your severe pain. The class of drugs called Opioids such as morphine can be addicting, people who take them for a very long time may develop tolerance and physical dependence but this does not necessary mean that they are addicted. Continue reading the entire blog at

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A graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). I am trained and experienced in healthcare management, pharmacotherapy, drug information, Clinical Pharmacy, business management and communication as a Toastmaster. I like being involved with progressive and problem-solving groups, meeting friendly people and volunteering where there is need. I am a faithful believer and disciple of Jesus Christ because of his atoning sacrifice and unmerited grace offered to me and all people. Because of the love of Christ we have hope of salvation from sinful. One of my best inspirational biblical quote is "God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble" Psalm 46:1
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