Female Genital Mutilation: Is it unethical despite the culture?

There are many things that happens in some cultures and are well accepted by the people in that culture. But if the same thing happens in another culture it will be totally frowned at and unaccepted or even made illegal by the laws of the land. This is the case with “female genital mutilation”, a practice that is totally unaccepted in the western world due to the medical implications and the inhumane treatment of the female gender. For people living in the western world it is seen as barbaric, uncivilized and ignorance of the undeveloped world that makes them practice female genital mutilation. Unfortunately the culture and tradition are the main reasons why these people practice female genital mutilation. The following is an interesting article that was written about this delicate topic. I just present it as it was written and let you make the assessment whether it is right or wrong, ethical or unethical. You may access the the  details at Safreblog following this link:




About safrebiz

A graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). I am trained and experienced in healthcare management, pharmacotherapy, drug information, Clinical Pharmacy, business management and communication as a Toastmaster. I like being involved with progressive and problem-solving groups, meeting friendly people and volunteering where there is need. I am a faithful believer and disciple of Jesus Christ because of his atoning sacrifice and unmerited grace offered to me and all people. Because of the love of Christ we have hope of salvation from sinful. One of my best inspirational biblical quote is "God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble" Psalm 46:1
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