Kevin Durant opts for the Golden State Warriors in a free agency upset 

If you are a sports fan and especially if you love professional basketball you should know that this is free agency signing period. The greatest and highly anticipated free agent signing this year is none other that Kevin Durant. This professional basketball player from the University of Texas, Austin, has been with the Oklahoma City Thunder which drafted him out of college. He has always played his best when on the court and has been a model citizen off the court unlike many professional athletes who always get in trouble with the law. Kevin Durant has been the best player with the Thunder since he’s been with the team. He has taken his team to the NBA championship but failed to win it because of lack of support. He has also taken his team to conference championship but just can’t make it as the national NBA champion. This year he has the opportunity to join another team to play for the championship trophy. He made the decision to join the Golden State Warriors from Northern California. This is a wise decision because he will have the support of the best shooters in the league,  Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and a great power forward and defender Traymond Green. Congratulations to Kevin Durant and welcome to the beautiful California, the Golden State.


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