A Great Gospel Violin musical

When you speak of music there are variety of it out there for people to pick and chose and depending on your choice you may have more than you actually need. Some people like jazz, hip hop, folk, rap, blues, country, punk, rock, opera, new age, R & B, gospel or any of it that I don’t even know such as juju music that was derived from a Nigerian Yoruba culture. I happened to have the opportunity of listening to a church music that was performed by two ladies, it was a violin gospel music and it was one of the best performances for me. Without much word I present it here for you to listen and enjoy, you may give your assessment and rating of the performance. 

Get it from the following link:

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Probiotics: The Benefits

When you hear about bacteria there is the connotation of something bad. That is because many bacteria are known to make human sick and that’s why doctors tell us to take antibiotics. But do you also know that there are good bacteria as much as there are bad ones? What are the good bacteria, these are called Probiotics. Why are they good? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for our health. They help us keep the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestine or digestive system. Basically Probiotics are the bacteria that help keep your gut healthy. There are many types of probiotic bacteria in the human digestive tract; they help reduce the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. The largest group of these probiotic bacteria in the intestine is lactic acid bacteria, of which lactobacillus acidophilus is the best known. Yeast is also a probiotic substance.

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Internet & Cyber-security Warnings

I have a question that may seem like a no-brainer, simple or even childish but still am going to ask it any way. Are you frequently on the internet and how many hours are you logged on it? I’m sure many of you are always on the Internet because with the development in information technology our lives, jobs and almost everything we do are now revolved around the Internet and we can’t live without it. Unfortunately the Internet is not as safe as most of us thought because of the problems of Cyber-security, privacy compromise, malware and other online threats which are competing with us as soon as you log on the web. How vulnerable is the Internet? I’m glad you asked and I will try to expose some of the problems you face online so you may at least be aware of them and do whatever is possible to avoid being a victim.

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Bluetooth: What’s in a name?

If you’re like me and many other people there are things that comes around through technology that we enjoy because it makes our lives more comfortable and convenient. We hear and see these items being advertised or we see other people using them and without much thought we end up purchasing the item for our personal use. I’m sure you must have heard about this thing called “Bluetooth” or whatever? Do you even take a moment to think about what it is or how it operates? Even the name sounds so wired that it reminds me of a medical condition, toothache. What do you know about Bluetooth other than having a device with it hanging over your ear or having an electronic device with Bluetooth capability.  Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with Mr. Bluetooth.

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Kevin Durant opts for the Golden State Warriors in a free agency upset 

If you are a sports fan and especially if you love professional basketball you should know that this is free agency signing period. The greatest and highly anticipated free agent signing this year is none other that Kevin Durant. This professional basketball player from the University of Texas, Austin, has been with the Oklahoma City Thunder which drafted him out of college. He has always played his best when on the court and has been a model citizen off the court unlike many professional athletes who always get in trouble with the law. Kevin Durant has been the best player with the Thunder since he’s been with the team. He has taken his team to the NBA championship but failed to win it because of lack of support. He has also taken his team to conference championship but just can’t make it as the national NBA champion. This year he has the opportunity to join another team to play for the championship trophy. He made the decision to join the Golden State Warriors from Northern California. This is a wise decision because he will have the support of the best shooters in the league,  Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and a great power forward and defender Traymond Green. Congratulations to Kevin Durant and welcome to the beautiful California, the Golden State.


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Messi & Argentina, a silent parting of ways.

Messi & Argentina: A silent parting of ways – http://wp.me/p2SXLf-w4

In the world of professional soccer the name Lionel Messi will always ring a bell both in his native Argentina and anywhere else in the world. His record speaks for itself despite some disappointing losses in some of the big games lately. If he calls for retirement from the game of soccer that needs to be granted without insulting his person.

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USA Basketball Olympic roster falls well short of Dream Team status


The final list of the U.S Olympic basketball team is made official today. That is a great team that should win the gold medal easily in Brazil. But don’t make the mistake of calling it a “dream team” or comparing it to the original dream team with players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing etc. I think it is greedy for the U.S to continue fielding only professional basketball players with the intent of bullying everybody to the gold medal. We need to give chance to our college players because Olympics is supposed to be for amateur athletes. If we claim to be the world leader then the we should also set a good example in world competitive sports by keeping a level playing field. Stop fielding only professional basketball players but at least mix it up with college amateur players. If we claim to be the best in the sports of basketball we should be able to win the gold medal without professional athletes or even with only college players.

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